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Zeendoc x Ecotree

In a Pioneering Collaboration: Zeendoc x Ecotree

In a groundbreaking partnership that signifies a new era in Green IT, Zeendoc, an electronic document management application, teamed up with EcoTree in 2020. Together, they embarked on a journey to make a tangible difference in the world's ecology.

Storyzee's Creative Touch

Storyzee played a pivotal role in this collaboration, orchestrating a cross-interview that brought to life the shared vision of both companies. Through expert storytelling, Storyzee illuminated the human adventure behind the partnership, showcasing a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond mere numbers.

A Visual Journey: ZeenPlanet Video

In a compelling video titled "ZeenPlanet: Qui a dit que le numérique et l'écologie ne faisaient pas bon ménage?", the partnership between Zeendoc and EcoTree is brought to life. The video explores the synergy between digital technology and ecology, challenging the notion that the two are incompatible. Watch the video to witness the collaboration's impact and the shared vision that drives it.

Concrete Results for the Planet

  • EcoTree has planted over 660,000 trees, absorbing more than 5 million kg of CO2.

  • In 2020, 1330 trees were planted due to the collaboration between Zeendoc and Ecotree.

  • Equivalent to over 10,000 flights from Paris to New York in CO2 absorption.


The partnership between Zeendoc and Ecotree, facilitated by Storyzee, demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and Green IT. The collaboration has led to tangible results in tree planting and CO2 absorption, reflecting a successful integration of technology and ecology.

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