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Top 10 Zoho CRM Features That You Should Try Right Now

What is Zoho CRM and How Does it Work?

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software. It is a cloud-based CRM solution, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Zoho CRM has many features to help you manage your business and stay organized.

Some of these include task management, project management, and document collaboration. There are also many integrations available for connecting to other applications like Salesforce and Office 365.

Top 10 Zoho CRM Features That You Should Try Right Now
Top 10 Zoho CRM Features That You Should Try Right Now

Zoho CRM is a great tool for managing your business because it provides all the tools you need in one place.

Zoho CRM Pricing - What Are the Different Types of Plans?

The company offers three different types of plans:

- Zoho One: This plan is the company's most comprehensive plan and it includes all the features available in Zoho CRM. It is the best option for enterprise-level organizations.

- Zoho Standard: This is a perfect solution for small to medium size businesses who want to stay focused on their core competencies by outsourcing their back office functions such as customer service, billing, and accounting.

- Zoho Starter: This plan provides basic features that are helpful for managing leads, contacts and tasks. It is suitable for startups or small businesses looking to test out Zoho CRM before committing to a more expensive plan.

Zoho CRM Automation: How to Optimize Your Workflow with These Tips

You might have heard of the concept of a template in Zoho CRM. Templates can be used to create new contacts, notes and documents that include pre-populated fields for different situations.

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can use templates to speed up your workflow with Zoho CRM.

Let’s say that you are working on an upcoming project proposal and need to come up with some ideas for the various points that need to be addressed. When you create a new contact in Zoho CRM, then you can use a template to provide the fields that will help you quickly fill in the information for this contact.

For example, if you created a new contact for "Proposal," then you could include fields like "Title" and "Company." This way, when you are creating this contact, it only takes seconds to complete as opposed to messaging back and forth with different stakeholders or waiting for a meeting invite.

The idea to use a template in Zoho CRM is not only useful when creating a new contact, but can also be used for updating or creating a contact.

Let's say you have different contacts in your company and they all need to be updated with the same information such as "Title" and "Company." In this case, instead of making these updates by messaging one by one, you could create a new contact that has pre-populated fields.

You then update the contact in bulk, and everyone on the team is notified. If you need to make a phone call to someone during work hours, send them a message or call them directly.

What are The Best Free Zoho Alternatives in the Market?

Zoho is a popular cloud-based business suite that includes CRM, Office, HR and accounting. It's been around for a while and is one of the most popular business suites in the market.

There are many Zoho competitors out there that offer different services. We'll go over some of them below:

Google Apps is an online office suite with a lot of features including Gmail and Google Drive. It comes with a free tier that offers basic features like email, calendars, documents and spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office 365 combines all of Microsoft’s productivity applications into one package including Word, Excel and PowerPoint to name a few.

Adobe Creative Cloud is an all-in-one solution for designers with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to help you create anything.

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