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Storyzee becomes WIX Partner

Wix, what is that ?

With more than 180 million users worldwide, Wix is the first integrated website development platform ranging from simple web presence to more sophisticated e-commerce. Wix is a complete universe that allows you to manage all aspects of your presence on the Web:

  • Web Site

  • Hosting

  • E-mailing

  • SEO

  • Products catalog

  • Booking system

The benefits of the Wix platform for Web Design and website creation

For those who have seen the birth of Web Design, adopting a process of creation WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) is a real revolution. WYSIWIG means in our case that the results of his creative work can be viewed directly on a web browser.

Small flashback, formerly the web designer that I am had to realize the graphics of web pages on a compositional software like Photoshop then transmit these files to a "integrator" which adapted my design in HTML format to be read on a web browser and accessible to all users regardless of the configuration of their computer.

This two-step creation process presents many difficulties, especially because there are constraints in HTML that force the integrator to "adapt" the original design of the page made by the web designer. From the point of view of the Web designer, it is sometimes disappointing insofar as the art of digital creation is precisely to respect the visual balance of the elements, pixel by pixel!

Welcome to Wix! The platform offers an interface that combines the two steps of the web page creation process: design and integration. Thus, each stage of the visual creation can be simultaneously viewed in its Web version on a real browser: a much more fluid approach that allows web designers to express all their creativity without too many technical constraints.

Why are we proud to be a Wix partner?

Being recognized by peers is obviously a satisfaction for a creative agency that lives on the opinion of its clients and partners. But for our customers, it is above all the guarantee to access all the power of Wix with technical support available 24/24 and 7/7.

Wix is also a great reference machine for websites and especially on Google. Due to its size, Wix has a privileged partnership with the leading search engine. In practice, Wix provides an environment to perform all advanced SEO tasks and avoids often fatal errors if you want to appear correctly on Google.

Wix offers an advanced version of its web creation platform called EditorX. This web creation environment allows for projects that justify it to meet the most demanding needs in terms of user interface development.

Wix, it's also Velo, an open platform which allows to develop complex web applications by connecting many services and applications via an API system. Wix is a great platform for the development of a large website that presents challenges in bandwidth volume and stability.

Wix is a complete e-commerce solution to manage all aspects of online sales: inventory management, shipping, online payment, .... Wix is a complete range of CRM tools, from email to sales analytics, which allows customers to manage their business on the Internet with ease in one place, with one interface.

If you would like to learn more about Wix and the web development opportunities for your business, please contact us:)

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