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Public & Private Link

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Public & Private Link is committed to the development of territories, allowing them to value their economic, ecological, cultural, sports, tourism assets, by contributing to the realization of Major Projects.

Interview of Brice Soccol - CEO, Public & Private Link

Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow

Ecology is at the heart of the action of Public & Private Link. It is not only an axis of development, it is also for them a state of mind.

A spirit of consultation between the private sector, the public sector and the civil society constituted by the users.

A spirit of involvement, through participatory democracy, allowing people to feel they are actors in their territory, businesses to feel responsible for their raison d'être and local communities to feel compelled to act in their raison d'être.


A spirit of creativity, to imagine new mobilities and new uses, new materials, new social and solidarity initiatives, new urban mixities.

Promote the innovative concept of Public & Private Link activities to an audience of private and public institutional decision-makers.

Storyzee recommends that a website be set up to convey the Public & Private Link brand image on the web and social networks.

The result: real visibility on the Web and social networks and a platform that evolves to meet the new needs of the audience.

Public & Private Link Website

Public & Private Link Website

Visit website :


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