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Ludobros is a video game studio that combines art and science to design smart mobile gaming apps for the whole family

Anticipating trends to invent tomorrow’s applications

Ludobros believes that games represent the future of communication between people and wants to anticipate these evolutions and invent the applications of tomorrow.

"Our team shares the best skills in the gaming industry."

Ludobros Website

A passionate team of mobile gaming experts

Designers, developers, marketers, art directors work together to bring unique mobile concepts to life.

Ludobros achieves the most ambitious applications thanks to the industry’s most rigorous production methodology.

Wordclub Ad

Word Club - A clever mix of word games and puzzle

A portfolio of mobile applications at the top of the "charts"

Ludobros develops word games and puzzles with hundreds of levels to challenge your mind and entertain you for hours.

Croosword Pictures

A base of players from all over the world

The applications developed by Ludobros are downloaded in millions of units and constitute a huge community of players.

Parli italiano ? du talar svenska ?

Translated into more than 20 languages, Ludobros' apps provide free, quality entertainment in over 120 countries around the world.

Ludobros Facebook

Over 100,000 Facebook fans

A large and international fan base allows Ludobros to exchange with its players with informative and promotional messages posted on the official page.

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