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Glaz Capital

In the realm of real estate investment, few companies have managed to blend regional pride with global ambition quite like Glaz Capital. Specializing in real estate investment, this Brittany-based company has always been committed to the development of its local territory while also making a name for itself both in France and internationally. When it came to showcasing their unique approach and services online, they turned to Storyzee, the digital marketing agency that understands the power of storytelling in business.

Glaz Capital
Glaz Capital

The Challenge

Glaz Capital had a clear vision: to redefine the real estate investment industry by leveraging the strong influence of Brittany, both nationally and internationally. The challenge was to translate this vision into a digital experience that would resonate with both institutional and private clients. They needed a platform that would not only inform but also inspire action.

The Solution

Web Design and Development

Storyzee took on the task of creating a website that would serve as the digital face of Glaz Capital. The design was sleek yet informative, providing a seamless user experience. The website was optimized for both desktop and mobile users, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of clients.

Content Strategy

The website features sections that clearly outline Glaz Capital's services, including real estate investment, transactional advice, and large-scale real estate projects. Each section was crafted to reflect the company's commitment to promoting and revitalizing Brittany's real estate heritage.

SEO and Analytics

To ensure that the website reached its target audience, Storyzee implemented a robust SEO strategy. This was complemented by real-time analytics to track user engagement and adapt strategies as needed.

The Results

The website has become a cornerstone in Glaz Capital's marketing strategy, effectively conveying their unique approach to real estate investment. It has attracted a diverse clientele, from institutional investors to private individuals, and has played a crucial role in several of their recent successful projects, such as advising investment funds on luxury real estate in Paris and pioneering energy-efficient architecture in Rennes.

Glaz Capital's digital transformation has been nothing short of revolutionary. Their website now stands as a testament to their innovative approach to real estate investment, all thanks to the comprehensive digital strategy implemented by Storyzee. It's a compelling example of how digital presence can amplify a company's mission and drive real-world results.


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